Autumn Prestige Sales Results

Special thanks to all the buyers at this years Autumn Prestige Sale. The sale was a success and you can find a summary of the results here

Special Thanks to:

Bellhaven Charolais for their purchase of Lot 17 – Windyview Zippy 3Z for $1200
Cornerview Charolais for their purchase of Lot 18 – Windyiew Zee Zee Top 6Z for $1650
Mack’s Charolais for their purchase of Lot 19 – Gilliland Romy 2R for $1850
Kirlene Cattle for their purchase of Lot 19a – Windyview Zipo 7Z for $1300

Lot 17 - Windyview Zippy 3Z - Bellhaven Charolais

Lot 18 - Windyview Zee Zee Top 6Z - Cornerview Charolais

Lot 19 - Gilliland Romy 2R - Mack's Charolais and Lot 19a - Windyview Zipo 7Z - Kirlene Cattle