2012 OSA Fall Classic

Ontario Shorthorn Association – Fall Classic 2012

Windyview Farm is please to present 1 lot for this year’s Fall Classic Sale

Sale Information:
Ontario Shorthorn Association – Fall Classic Sale 2012
October 20th 2012, 18:00
Lowes Auction Services
Lindsay, Ontario

Full sale catalog is available on the Ontario Shorthorn Association website.

Lot 10 - Lilacview Ready 24Z
Sold to Horseshoe Valley Shorthorns, $1100

MOK 24Z March 5, 2012 X-[CAN]F689782-

Meehan’s Darcy 1S
Meehan’s Lord Stanley 7X
Meehan’s Sweetie Pie 12H
Lilacview Ready 24Z
Matlock Ruffian 10T
Lilacview Ready 36X
Lilacview R U Ready 3R


We’re pleased to present Lilacview Ready 24Z who is ready for the showring or ready for your herd. Her styling and characteristics make perfect example of the goals we strive for at Windyview Farm squareness, length and femininity. We hope you too share our goals and can make room in your herd for this fine heifer.