2013 OSA Fall Classic

Ontario Shorthorn Association – Fall Classic 2013

Sale Information:
Ontario Shorthorn Association – Fall Classic
October 26th 2013
Lowes Auction Services
Lindsay, Ontario

Lilacview Amaretto Belle 2A

MOK 2A January 20 2013 X-[CAN]*20403-


KMS Canasta 8114 39P
Lucky SPGS Casino 39P 58S
KMS Trixie 17L 9N
Lilacview Amaretto Belle 2A
AR SU LU Kool 1007
Lilacview R U Showing Me 18R
Crawfdown Belle 59N
Lilacview Annabell Polly 15A

MOK 15A February 25 2013 X-[CAN]F690927-


Meehan’s Darcy 1S
Meehan’s Lord Stanley 7X
Meehan’s Sweetie Pie 12H
Lilacview Annabell Polly 15A
Matlock Ruffian 10T
Lilacview Polly Yoy 5Y
Triple E Miss Polly
This year at Windyview Farm we’ve decided to imbue the buyer with the power of choice. The choice is to pick between Lilacview Amaretto Belle 2A and Lilacview Annabell Polly 15A. Both heifers are 4-H projects and were chosen because they are both ready to win. Lilacview Amaretto Belle 2A has a winning pedigree with both a sire and dam who have earned a successful show ring reputation. Lilacview Annabell Polly 15A is from the Windyview Farm herdsire and a dam bred from a previous Windyveiw Farm herdsire making this female a home grown success that can easily bring excellence into your herd.

The choice is yours because who are we to say what you’re looking for but we will say picking either one of these excellent females will help strengthen an established breeding program or kickstart a new breeding program.

Since both heifers are 4-H projects show rights will be reserved until after the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.